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Arcade Games

There are many types of video games for you to choose from. The mechanics of video games range from simple to complex. If you want a simple yet enjoyable gaming, you may opt for arcade games.

What are arcade games

Arcade games are games with short levels and simple control schemes. In these games, you can play as long as your character is alive on the screen.
Arcade games are among the oldest games in the history of video gaming. Originally, arcade games are played on coin-operated machines. This works by inserting a coin or a token in the arcade to start the game or to continue playing after the player's character is defeated. Today, however, you can find arcade games on the Internet.

Brief history of arcade games

As stated earlier, the first arcade games were coin-operated. The earliest arcade games used mechanical scoring. It was only in the 1970s that the first electronic arcade was created. The heyday of arcade games was in the early 1980s, when arcade game developers gave birth to the most popular arcade games such as Donkey Kong and Pac-man.

How to play arcade games

These games are simple in nature. But if you are not familiar with some games, there are instructions given before the start of each game. If you are using a coin-operated machine, you have to insert a coin at the beginning of each game. If you still want to continue playing after your character dies, you just have to insert another coin.
Usually, arcade games include single-player and double-player games. The common genres of arcade games are action or fighting and adventure.

Where to find arcade games

Aside from the arcades available in public places such as malls and terminals, these games are also available online. There are many websites that offer free arcade games. There are also sites, however, that require payment for the download of these games. You may choose solo player or multiplayer arcade games from these websites.

For an easier access to various arcade games, you may visit the directories of free games and read online reviews about the different websites for arcade games download. If you are into the traditional arcade games of the 80s, you can also find directories for these arcade games.

If you are really passionate about arcade games, you may try joining gaming networks. These networks organise tournaments and group discussions about arcade games.